Allow Me to Make an Introduction


Many of you have connected with me via LinkedIn because we’ve exchanged connection requests, or you’ve seen an article or some content that I have posted. It has been my pleasure to connect with you and to get to know you, if even just a little bit. But I’m only half of R & S Delivered LLC. Well, actually 49% if we’re being precise. I’m the R. The S is my wife, Stacey. Were it not for Stacey there would be no R & S Delivered LLC. I would still be working for an asset based trucking company somewhere trying to find a customer or two. While I am the salesperson at R & S, Stacey is everything else. And she is the one who convinced me that R & S sounded like a winning team. She’s the manager of Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations, Interior Designer, Motivation, and 51% owner. She’s the reason that we will be sending in our application to the WBENC to be certified as a woman owned business in 2019.

So let me briefly introduce her to you and encourage you to connect with her because she really is someone that you need to know. First, here’s her LinkedIn page:

Stacey is a proud graduate of Auburn University (War Eagle!) and she and I have been married for 20+ some odd years. She spent 12 years as a fundraiser with the American Cancer Society and, as one of her duties there, managed the Relay for Life program in Southwest Missouri. She didn’t just manage it to maintain it. She managed it to grow it and grow it she did taking the Springfield MO Relay for Life into one of the 10 largest Relay’s in the United States. She started the RFL program for High Schools as well. Many times she had the opportunity to move into ACS management but she loved working with the volunteers more than anything.

God called Stacey to become a full-time volunteer with Project H.O.P.E. and to lead mission teams to Nicaragua. She did this for five years traveling to Central America over 50 times to build houses, dig water wells and to do really whatever needed to be done.

So this next part is really “who” she is. She’s my rock and the person that has cared for me as I fought colorectal cancer when I was 37, bladder cancer when I was 51, and, just for good measure, a “Widowmaker” heart attack when I was 55. She literally drove me to the hospital at 4 in the morning while I was having the heart attack and saved my life. No question. She is my rock. She is the person that I came home to for over 20 years and talked trucking. She is the one and only person that talked me into this R & S Delivered thing and she is the person that today has helped it to be what it is. She takes on the hard projects. I mean we all have our gifts right? My gifts are to deal with the easy things and let her handle the hard ones. Kidding, not kidding. She and I share an office and if we’re not talking about work in the office, we’re talking about it at home. She is not a passive owner. She’s involved daily. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She does not quit. Ever. This week we will be on calls in the Chicago market.

So if you’re willing, send her a connection request and get to know her as you have me. You’ll like her a lot.



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