Who coined the phrase “Pigs Get Fat. Hogs get Slaughtered.”​?


This is an impromptu post. I didn’t intend to write it when I got up this morning. I’m writing it after an interaction I had with a customer this morning. That customer had an easy refrigerated load picking up in MN and going to WI. Load picks up on January 2nd, a long time from now, and delivers the next day. It’s less than 300 miles. One of that customers “valued carrier partners” quoted $1,950.00 to haul that load. The market rate on the load was about $850.00. I quoted $850.00 and was awarded the load. The customer emailed me asking if my rate was correct. I said yes. I also said, “And can I say something? Whoever your carrier “partner” is that put $1950 on that lane should be eliminated from your list of “partners”. That’s a rate that only a pig would suggest. Seriously.” Now at the risk of offending someone with my picture, it takes big balls to quote a rate like that to a customer. A customer that you value. One who you should be giving your very best to every time they ask you to quote a load. Customers are so very hard to find. You call on them for months or years and finally get your chance to work for them, and this is what you give them? $1,950.00 on a load that should pay $850.00? Shame on you for not valuing your relationship with that customer.

It’s the holiday season. Christmas time. A time of giving and spending time with family. A time to send out thank you cards to your customers thanking them for your business. Think about it. If you’re a broker out there who thinks the best way to get ahead is to be a hog, prepare for the slaughter. You don’t deserve to be representing our industry.

Oh, and to answer my original question, Who coined that phrase? It was an Australian TV show in the 1980’s called Rubbery Figures. They get the credit. #chemicals #plastics #food #trucking #truckload #broker #Christmas #hogs

Russ Schultz

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